12/31/2007 12:15:00 PM

Jose Canfakeo

Posted by Mark McCray |

According to an article published on MLB.com:

"One-time big league slugger Jose Canseco will name more names in a sequel to his 2005 steroid memoir "Juiced," according to reports."

The new book, with the working title "Vindicated," will arrive in bookstores on Opening Day 2008, Canseco's lawyer Robert Saunooke told the New York Post and the Daily News.

Opening day 2008? Jose Canseco made his living off of steroids while on the field and now off the field continues to do so. In my opinion, the real crime of PED's is not that the person is taking them because its their life and their body--rather its the money they made and the opportunities they took took from others who had accomplished everything naturally.

How, in the United States, can someone make a living and get away with being as pathetic as Jose Canseco, and more importantly, why do people continue to support someone so pathetic by wasting their money on his garbage books?

When Canfakeo's book ends up on shelves--do yourself a favor. Don't buy it. Don't read it. Don't believe it. Don't even read the summary on Amazon. Please. Don't support steroids in Baseball!!!

Don't believe me? Then check this out...

Jose Can Shoot Drugs.


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