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A-Rod: "I Was as White as a Ghost"

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A-Rod had a fantastic interview on 60 Minutes tonight with Katie Couric. Couric first asked him about the situation that Major League baseball is going through with steroids. She asked him if he had ever used or thought about using performance enhancers and he replied,

"No. I have never felt over matched on the baseball field so I never felt the need to use them."
The interview then moved to the whole opt-out "debacle" of the World Series. Couric asked A-Rod if he could understand why so many people found it so incredibly offensive.
"Absolutly. 100%. I was angered, upset shocked and in disbelief. I was sitting in my living room and it was like a bad nightmare. I got white like a ghost. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was under the impression of it coming out at least a day or two after the World Series. I would never do anything to harm the game and my deepest apologizes to the Red Sox and the Rockies and all of Major League Baseball. It was unacceptable and you get what you deserve."
Couric than moved onto the whole Scott Boras situation.
"When I realized things were going haywire, at the point I said wait a minute--I have to be accountable for my own life. So I got behind the wheel and I called Hank."
A-Rod goes onto say that he will keep Boras as his agent and pay him the $15 million dollars he is due, but that there has been no other contact between the two.

The interview then moves to A-Rod's mansion (which is pretty amazing) and more specifically to the state of the art batting cage that he built before the 2007 season. He says that he largely attributes his on-field success in 2007 to that batting cage.

A-Rod then takes Couric into his "memorabilia room" where he has two MVP awards and his Babe Ruth award proudly displayed. He then says,
"My ultimate goal is to yank all three awards and display a World Series Championship trophy."
The interview concludes with this quote from A-Rod,
"I feel comfortable that my team can expect me to be in the lineup every day. And at the end of the day, I get paid to be a Major League baseball player--not anything else. And I do that pretty well.
Yes A-Rod you do. Great interview.

Go Yankees 2008!!!


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