1/08/2008 10:19:00 AM

Clemens User Not Abuser

Posted by Mark McCray |

Brian McNamee speaks out to SI's John Heyman:

"I'd rather be called a liar than a drug pusher," McNamee told SI.com. "The feds look at bank accounts, and there's no money unaccounted for. I don't launder money. I don't have anything in my mattress. If I was pushing drugs, what did I do with the money?

"It's sad," McNamee added. "(Clemens) was a mentor to me. Roger is an unbelievable family man. I learned how to treat my kids from Roger. And Roger was in no way an abuser of steroids. He never took them through our tough winter workouts. And he never took them in spring training, when the days are longest. He took them in late July, August, and never for more than four to six weeks, max. ... It wasn't that frequent.

"Within the culture of what was going on, he was just a small part of it. A lot of guys did it. You can't take away the work Roger did. You can't take away the fact that he worked out as hard as anybody."

This is what I have thought all along. When Roger told Mike Wallace on 60 minutes, "My body never changed. If he's putting that stuff up in my body, if what he's saying which is totally false, if he's doing that to me, I should have a third ear coming out of my forehead. I should be pulling tractors with my teeth", it was a dead giveaway. Roger never used steroids to get huge or have an obvious unfair advantage. If he did use steroids-he did it to compete longer.


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