The sun will come up over The Bronx, Midtown, Soho, and Queens tomorrow morning, much the same way it does every day. There will just be one significant difference for many die hard Yankee fans-- a blockbuster trade occurred and for once the farm system depleted by the monumental deal is wearing orange and blue-- not Pinstripes.

Many fans may have mixed feelings about the decision that the Yankees made not to pull the trigger on this deal, however, one fact remains; it appears to be the dawning of a new day over at East 161st Street.

With the new stadium seemingly appearing out of thin-air, and the Yankees farm system, which for years has been ridiculed and underestimated, now appears poised to make a significant impact in the coming years.

As a Yankee fan, this has been one the best days of the off season for me. Not only is Hughesie, Kennedy, Melky, and Jackson still in Pinstripes, but I believe this finally signals a change in philosophy for the Bronx Bombers. For once, the Yankees stuck to their guns and refused to be fleeced by the Minnesota Twins, of all teams.

It is now for sure, Phil Hughes will not be taking the hill on Opening Day in Minneapolis, as many Yankee die hards feared.

Now, this is not to say that the Bombers could not use one more veteran arm to anchor that young starting rotation, but there is still time to figure these things out and sometimes Spring Training has a way of doing this.

The NY fishwraps will be abuzz tomorrow morning with the news of a blockbuster trade involving Johann Santana, and for once we can be happy for the Mets; and in addition be happy for the future of New York Yankees baseball.

Go Bombers!


Yankee Fan said...

I think it is great that we are moving in a new direction because as the last 7 years have shown, sometimes the blockbuster deals aren't worth it. I am really glad that the big three are still with us because I really think they will pave a bright future for the Yanks.

Peter Rabbit said...

I know how you like funny videos, so I put together a 1-minute clip:

To combat Derek Jeter’s successful TV ad campaign for the Ford Edge, A-Rod decides to partner with Chevrolet and the Equinox.

I hope you enjoy it!

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