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LeBron Loves The Yankees

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VIA Darren Rovell at CNBC.com:

You might recall the whole ordeal that ensued when Cleveland Cavaliers guard LeBron James showed up at the first game of the ALDS between the Cleveland Indians and the New York Yankees in a Yankees hat.

The game was in Cleveland and many felt that James--despite his being a fan of the Yankees-- shouldn't have worn the hat given that he, more than any other athlete, represents Cleveland. Fans objected, as did noted Cleveland Indians great Bob Feller.

Well, we're not sure how fans in Cleveland are going to react now.

spokesman Kejuan Wilkins has confirmed to CNBC that the company is releasing an Air Zoom V LeBron shoe in March and it's inspired by James' affinity for the Bronx Bombers. The shoe, Wilkins says, continues the theme of having a New York style shoe. Last year, a limited edition Nike shoe meant to honor the state had graffiti on it. The shoe will only be available in New York, though the exact release date and the places where it will be available are unclear.

News of the shoe was being kept under wraps until the great shoe blog Kixandthecity posted pictures of the shoe earlier this week.

As you can see, it has pinstripes, James' number of 23--which will also be nice for Yankees fans since it's the same number as Yankees legend Don Mattingly--and, the best part, a crowd cheer behind the tongue of the shoe ("Le-Bron Jam-es, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap").
Also, thanks to Mike at New York Yankees Update for the initial information on this.


Anonymous said...

LeBron will be featured in "Swoosh! Inside Nike" -- a CNBC documentary premiereing 2/12/08 at 10p ET.

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