1/24/2008 01:45:00 PM

MLB Grounskeepers Give Back

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The baseball team at Paradise Valley High School will enjoy an upgraded field this season, thanks to a little help from their new Major League friends.

About 48 groundskeepers from 25 Major League clubs renovated the baseball field at Paradise Valley on Monday as part of Major League Baseball's groundskeeper conference.

The final day of the annual three-day conference is a community day, in which the groundskeepers have partnered for the last few years with a youth baseball program in the host city on field-renovation projects.

The groundskeepers spent the day raking out dirt, painting baselines, installing new bases, refurbishing on-deck circles, hanging up backstop padding, painting a large school logo behind home plate and doing various other tasks to spruce up the field.

Ben Bamford, 18, has been on the baseball team since his sophomore year. He and his teammates can't wait to get out on the field in the spring, which will be Bamford's last season at Paradise Valley.

"It's an honor to have [the groundskeepers] come here. They could go anywhere and they came here, so it's pretty cool," said Bamford.

The teammates stood in clusters around the field eagerly watching the maintenance machines roaming around the field as the groundskeepers worked.

"It seems like I'm on a Major League field right now," Bamford said after surveying the improvements.

The team is looking forward to showing their appreciation for the renovations when the season gets underway.

"Hopefully we can play up to it," Bamford said.

Article courtesy of Christie Cowles/MLB.com


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