1/17/2008 04:18:00 PM

This Buds (Still) For You

Posted by Mark McCray |

VIA Barry M. Bloom at Yankees.com:

Commissioner Bud Selig's contract has been extended by Major League Baseball's 30 owners for three years, taking him through the 2012 season.

The decision was made in an executive council meeting on Wednesday and was ratified by the collective owners on Thursday, making the new deal the biggest news of this year's first quarterly meetings.

Selig was asked to step out of Wednesday's executive council meeting as the select owners on that board voted to secure the new terms of his position. When the doors swung open and Selig returned to the room, he was awarded a loud standing ovation.

Selig, 73, just finished his 15th full season as Commissioner. As a business, the sport has never done better, setting records last season in gross revenue ($6.1 billion) and total attendance (79.5 million). Projections right now are for attendance to easily soar over the 80 million ticket mark in 2008.
This is good for baseball I guess...Although I'm kinda torn on Selig....I imagine this move will also set George W. Bush up to be the next commissioner of MLB as well. We will see in a few more years I guess.


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