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Wang Makes Dreams Come True

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I got this article from Chien-Ming Wang's official website. It is kind of a tough read, as I imagine it is translation into English-- but I thought it was cool either way.

I love what the players do for charity, so I will always try to report the charity articles I read. Check out more of the Charity articles in the left-hand sidebar under labels.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN -- For Chien-Ming Wang, posing for commercials and meeting sponsors during his trip home is only part of being a celebrity. Sharing his warmth and care with fans is more important to him. Make-A-Wish Taiwan contacted Wang through his agency, CSMG Sports, to arrange private visits to two fans, ages 13 and 15. A-Jeh and Po-Shin are both big fans of Wang. They watched every game Wang pitched, cheered for him from home and in the hospital. They followed the games, collected Wang’s game photos from newspapers, and carefully arranged them in their scrapbooks.

Surgeries and treatment are difficult to deal with for any grown-up. These two boys have Chien-Ming to look up to and the thought of these games kept them away from the pain. Their dreams are the same: Meeting Chien-Ming Wang!

On November 28, A-Jeh was in the hospital. Having read the book “Ace in America” the gift from Make-A-Wish Taiwan, his wish finally came true! A-Jeh could not believe his eyes and kept asking Brother Chien lots of questions. Brother Chien answered each and every one of them. After Brother Chien left, A-Jeh could not withhold his excitement and kept on asking his mother, “Was I dreaming? Brother Chien did come to see me?”

On November 29, Po-Shin was told that Brother Chien was coming to see him. Due to his tumor, he weighs less than 80 pounds, but was extremely excited that day. He is nearly blind, but when he received the gift and greeting from Brother Chien, he tried to open his eyes wide, wanting to capture every piece of him.

Po-Shin made every effort to read Brother Chien’s hand writing on the gift “Never give up, Brother Chien will always support you!” Po-Shin promised Brother Chien that he would follow the doctor’s instructions to take care of himself so he would be able to go to Yankee Stadium to cheer for Brother Chien!

Make-A-Wish Taiwan understood Chien-Ming’s consideration to protect these two young patients and arranged these private visits. He not only brought smiles to these two boys, he made two dreams come true!


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