2/15/2008 07:29:00 AM

Now Approaching 10,000 Hits!!!

Posted by Chris |

The Bronx Stop will soon celebrate a very impressive feat; 10,000 hits. This is impressive for many reasons. I do not completely understand the "blogosphere" but I do know that the administrator has put a lot of time and effort into this website and for someone with little previous blogging experience, I think he had done a wonderful job. Congratulations TheBronxStop.com on reaching 10,000 hits, and for doing it with no evidence of bloody gauze pads or syringes.


Mark McCray said...

Thanks, Chris! That was a really nice post! 10,000 is good. But we are going for 100,000 by the end of the 2008 season. I wonder if we can do it.

friendinME said...

Just for yucks, I did a Google search on "10,000 hits" because my site (www.mypointless.com) just arrived there.

And what did I find? A Yankee's site complete with a Red Sux category! lol. Well, dang. I am a lifelong Red Sox fan and a Yankee-hater. :)

So, in spite of your shortcomings, congratulations on your blog posts! ;) I might come back sometime to see if you have more flattering pictures of Josh Beckett (the fatty... sheesh).

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