2/25/2008 12:03:00 PM

HGTV Visits Moose, Hughes, IPK

Posted by Mark McCray |

Pete Abraham just posted this picture of Mike Mussina's lockerscape on his Blog today. Apparently, Mike Mussina, Phil Hughes, and Ian Kennedy entered a contest on HGTV.com this winter for a complete locker room makeover--and they won!!!

There are also plans to add a desk to the newly made over lockeroom so that all of the interviews the players are being asked to participate in can be conducted on site.

(Phil Hughes contributed the clock on the locker wall and the small picture in the bottom left of the frame is from the Wizard Of Oz rookie hazing day.)

Side note-
Peter Abraham and Phil Hughes are going to conduct a Q&A on their respective blogs starting today. If you want to submit a question please limit it to just one. You can submit your questions until 6p.m., on February 26th.

To submit your question- please only send ONE E-MAIL per e-mail address, to Pete and Phil. Make it a good one!!!

Pete's email: pabraham@lohud.com
Phil's email: phughes34@gmail.com


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