2/12/2008 11:03:00 AM

Jeter: "Girardi Perfect Guy For Job"

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VIA Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News:

Derek Jeter knows Joe Girardi as a former teammate, a bench coach and a broadcaster, but not as a manager. So he's unsure how Girardi's regime will be different from Joe Torre's run as Yankee manager.

Except for one thing: "I'll call him 'Joe,'" Jeter said Monday during a break from a pre-spring training workout. Jeter famously called Torre "Mr. Torre" or "Mr. T."

Jeter did predict "it'll be fun" with Girardi as manager.

"He's the perfect guy for it," he added. "He's played here, he played under Mr. T, he knows how Mr. T did things.

"He's going to probably have his own style. He's well-prepared, wants to win. He worked extremely hard when he played and worked hard when he was bench coach. He's familiar with the players here, because he was bench coach. All of those things will help him. I think it's an exciting time.

"We're going to miss Mr. T, he did great things here, but you have to move on and Girardi's the perfect guy for it."


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