2/08/2008 12:02:00 PM

Phil Hughes Is 21 (Honestly)

Posted by Mark McCray |

Sam Borden of the Journal News had a great profile of Phil Hughes today-- check it out:

Age is one of those attributes that is almost always presented under heavy disguise. Look older. Act younger. Carry yourself like a gentleman. Sleep like a baby.

This has been a particularly noticeable phenomenon in the Yankees' clubhouse in recent years, particularly among pitchers. Think about it: Roger Clemens was 44, looked 30 and frequently acted like a 19-year-old hopped up on Red Bull; David Wells was 40, looked 6 - in whale years - and acted like a bratty 9-year-old who dropped his ice cream cone in the sandpit; Kevin Brown was 39, looked (or at least walked) like he was 82 and acted … well, homicidal, mostly.

Now there is Philip Joseph Hughes, 21 years old and the latest pitcher to take the weight of the Yankees' world upon his substantial rotator cuffs...


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