2/14/2008 09:37:00 AM

Wang, Yankees Head To Arbitration

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Kat O'Brien of Newsday writes:

Barring a last-minute breakthrough in negotiations, the Yankees will go to arbitration with a player for the first time since Mariano Rivera in 2000. Wang's agent, Alan Nero, said last night that there had been no recent conversations with the Yankees and that he still expects to go to arbitration. General manager Brian Cashman also said that a hearing was still on the docket for today.

Many people expected the two sides to reach an agreement on a contract for 2008, given that there was only $600,000 difference between them. Wang, who has won 38 games in the past two seasons, requested $4.6 million. The Yankees countered with a $4-million offer. The hearing is to be at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Fla.
Yankee Brass: Why waste time with this? Pay the man what he wants...jeez....


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