3/05/2008 12:30:00 PM

Girardi Knows Consistency Is Key

Posted by Mark McCray |

Just read an article in the London Free Press discussing the level of competition that is in the American League this year. From the Red Sux, Tigers, Indians, Mariners, Angels and even teams like Toronto and the Rays-- it is imperitive the Yankees win every game they should. That to me is the one of the most important things the Yankees master this year. Winning when you should.

I have said this before on this blog. If the Yankees could have just picked up a few more games when they were in the terrible stretch they had last year before the All Star Break, they would have easily clinched the East.

Consistency is all the Yankees need this year--and all they need it from is the pitching. If we have just a tiny bit of that, I predict our offense leads us to another 94-100 win season. We will see.

Here's some quotes from Girardi:

"There are so many worthy teams in the American League that you're going to have to be able to sustain a certain level of play for the entire season, a certain level of consistency," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said.

"You can't afford to go into a slump or a slide because the other teams are going to make you pay for that."

And Jeter:

"We are always going to be a team that people shoot for," Derek Jeter said.

"We're the Yankees, and there's always going to be people who'll hate us because of that."

I don't hate you Derek.


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