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How Well Do You Know Your Wang?

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LifestyleSeries Chien Ming-Wang has a very in-depth (to say the least) trivia challenge on his official website.

There are thirty (yes, thirty) multiple choice questions on the man they call Wanger. To put those thirty questions in perspective-- my last college exam in a 400 level class was thirty multiple choice questions. In fact, I'm pretty sure this test on Wang was actually harder!

I only managed to get through the first ten and of those I got four wrong. Whoever writes Wang's tests is not kidding around!!!

Here are some examples of some of the questions (pretty tough stuff!!!):

2.) Wang's .719 career winning percentage is the highest in Yankees history among pitchers with at least 60 decisions.
A. True
B. False

5.) Wang pitched a road game in 2007 that drew an estimated 8,000+ Taiwanese fans to a packed stadium of 50,000+ people. In what city did that game take place?
A. Seattle
B. Boston
C. San Francisco
D. New York (Shea Stadium)

7.) The usual lineup for the Yankees in 2007 when Wang was pitching had Jorge Posada catching; Doug Mientkiewicz at first base; Robinson Cano at second base; Derek Jeter at shortstop; Alex Rodriguez at third base; Johnny Damon in left field; Melky Cabrera in center field; Bobby Abreu in right field; and Hideki Matsui as designated hitter. How many of those players have played in at least one All-Star Game in their MLB careers?
A. None
B. Three
C. Five
D. Seven

14.) In which road stadium does Wang have his most career wins?
A. Tropicana Field
B. Fenway Park
C. Safeco Field
D. Jacobs Field

30.) In what year did Wang play his first professional season for Staten Island of the New York-Penn League?
A. 1999
B. 2000
C. 2001
D. 2002


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