3/02/2008 08:23:00 PM

My Spring Break

Posted by Mark McCray |

If you have been wondering why I have not been posting recently it's because I have been really pretty busy during the last few weeks. My Spring Break started last Thursday and after studying and taking tests for all last week, I went back home to Columbus, Ohio for the weekend. It was a pretty big weekend in Columbus because of the Arnold Fitness Classic. There was also a Ultimate Fighting Championship fight in town on Saturday so that is always a huge event.

It was my dad's birthday Saturday night and we were able to get pretty much the whole family together for a great meal at Bravo, so that was a good time. Happy Birthday, Dad!

I don't know how many of you like mixed martial arts, but I have to plug one of my good friends Jon Kuhner. Jon was the main event of the Superior Fighting League in Columbus, Ohio and won by knockout in less than a minute. He is not quite UFC or Pride Figting level yet but he is a pretty darn good fighter.

I will be following up with some Spring Training stuff shortly. Stay tuned and thanks again for reading!!!


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