3/06/2008 03:37:00 PM

The Schmap!

Posted by Mark McCray |

You may have noticed the widget at the bottom of the right hand column.  It is called a Schmap.   Schmap2

Here is a little rundown of what the Schmap Widget can do for you:

There are four views for the content of the widget: schedule, stats, map and stadium zoom.

The schedule view allows you to view the past and future schedule for the entire season.  You can select any of the past games and be directed to the ESPN story that accompanied the result of that particular game (pretty cool). 

The stats view gives you statistics updated after every game.

The map gives you a rundown of where the teams have played. 

And the coolest feature, stadium zoom, shows you a Google Maps satellite image of the stadium that the game has been played in. 

Best of all?  It's free!

So please.  Check it out.  

Not a Yankees fan?  Shame on you.  But you can still get a Schmap.

Click here to visit the Schmap website and get one for yourself!!!


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