4/09/2008 10:46:00 AM

Hughes Distracted By Upcoming Office Episode

Posted by Mark McCray |

Phil Hughes had a rather rough outing against the Royals on Tuesday-- going just three innings and allowing six hits, and 3 earned runs.

But fear not Yankee fans. As it turns out, Phil was just too pumped up for the new Office episode that is set to air on NBC Thursday night and was just having trouble locating his stuff.

Check out this post on the Phil Hughes Weblog:

"The Office is back next Thursday! So excited. I’ve heard about 10 different rumors about what the first episode is going to be about. The anticipiation is killing me."
As you can see, the "anticipation was killing him" and I am pretty sure that he was just focusing on Micheal and Dwight instead of Curveball and Changeup.

Once the novelty of the new episodes of The Office wears off, Phil Franchise will be back.

You can count on that Yankee fans.


Chris Barrows said...

Hey man, it's Chris from Pinstriped Scranton. Wanted to let you know you're linked on my page back from the Lo Hud fun, and wanted to see if you could return the favor. let me know, thanks.


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