4/08/2008 03:01:00 AM

Mussina Solid Over Six

Posted by Mark McCray |

Cliff Corcoran of Bronx Banter:

Mike Mussina was sharp last night, allowing just three baserunners, two hits, and a lone run in six efficient innings of work.

He had his best curveball working and was able to throw it at a variety of speeds between 70 and 80 miles per hour while correspondingly varying the severity of the break from a slow 12-to-6 yakker to a quicker pitch that broke well in the zone. He also had a very efficient changeup.

Moose only recorded three strikeouts on the night, but got 11 of his other 15 outs on the ground, which was largely the product of having his best curve going tonight.

Fittingly, the one run Mussina gave up came on a hanging curve to Jonny Gomes in which Gomes put a lumberjack swing on the pitch consequently sending the ball into the left field seats.


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