4/03/2008 01:37:00 PM

Yankee Girl(s)

Posted by Mark McCray |

Well, the Yankees lost last night to the Blue Jays-- and I am none to happy about it. But it is a very long season, so I figure I can get over it.

Here is a picture from MLB.Com's Women's Shop that kinda cheered me up so I'd figure I'd share it with everyone else in the hope of it doing the same for you.

Game 3 tonight at 7:05 against the Jay's. Catch it on YES or however else you get your Yankee fix.

Go Yanks!!!

P.S.- Would someone please drop me a comment and let me know if this is one girl in two different pictures or two girls in the same. I honestly can't tell. Maybe they are twins? Hmm.


Linsey said...

I'm 99% sure that is Alyssa Milano (from TV shows 'Charmed' and 'Who's the Boss') and just a composite image of two of her. Haha. Hope all is well Mark!

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