4/10/2008 01:52:00 PM

You Kill Us, Youkilis

Posted by Mark McCray |

I just read an article that kind of upset me. It was about the "Information Age" and how it has transformed the way baseball players interact with their fans.

"Cell phones. Camera phones. Digital cameras and recorders. Ubiquitous Internet blogs. YouTube and the like. All of them all-too-frequently at the ready to document and display every unflattering photo and verbal slip-up."

"In short, the fairly new wave of technology is prompting players to reconsider how they interact with the public at large."
Yeah. I guess it has. With all of the crazy people in the world, I can understand why players have to be a little bit more guarded when it comes to being out in public.

But what I can't understand is...you are getting paid millions of dollars to play a kids game. Fathers (and mothers) are going broke taking their children to overpriced ball games-- only to eat overpriced hot dogs and cracker jacks and drink overpriced beer.

In other words we are filling your pockets. If it weren't for the fans you would be playing baseball for 100 dollars a game like some of the other players who haven't made it as far as you have.

Take Kevin Youkilis for instance.
"Some guys have to do it the hard way -- see themselves out in the papers or on the Internet," Boston first baseman Kevin Youkilis said. "It's kind of a joke. People don't have any regard for humans, and a lot of times it's pointless stuff that doesn't have any bearing on anything."

"If you're smart about it, you'll be all right, but there are certain times where you're doing the right things and just trying to have maybe a drink, and someone has a picture of you drinking a beer and it looks like you're drunk and out of control when you're not at all."

Hey Youkilis-- if getting paid millions means that you have to suffer the embarrassment of getting an "unflattering" picture of you posted on the internet--I will gladly trade places with you.

Do you want to? I didn't think so. Quit whining and play baseball.

Some players these days have become so soft...


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