5/26/2008 07:21:00 AM

It's All A-Rod's Fault...(The Winning Of Course...)

Posted by Mark McCray |

Is it a coincidence that the Yankees have scored 43 runs in the six games since A-Rod's return, after managing only 12 in the seven games previous? Joe Girardi doesn't think so.

"It changes our lineup drastically, it puts people back to where they were hitting most of the time," said Girardi.

Abreu, moved into the three-hole, down from the clean-up spot he occupied in Rodriguez's absence. He is 9-for-his-last 21.

Robinson Cano continued his resurgence again Sunday with a 10-for-19 streak, including game winning and game-tying RBIs in the last four games.

Even Jason Giambi is getting in on the action and now has eight hits in his last 21 at-bats against lefties.

It hurts me to think about where this team would be without Alex Rodriguez.

People can criticize Hank Steinbrenner all they want, but he is the one that is responsible for putting the best player in Major League Baseball back in Pinstripes.

For that, he is my hero.


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