5/29/2008 06:54:00 PM

Own The Legacy

Posted by Mark McCray |

Just got an e-mail from former Yankee publicist, Marty Appel, asking me to pass along some information on a HUGE Yankee baseball card set that has been created to commemorate the final season of Yankee Stadium. This is truly an amazing collection of not only Yankee history, but history in general....

Here is the e-mail:

I wanted to make your readers aware of an Upper Deck card product called Yankee Stadium Legacy – a 6,661 card set, with one card representing every Yankee home game ever played in Yankee Stadium (plus a few extras for Papal visits, boxing, etc.).

It is the largest card set ever produced (Guinness Book worthy), and an amazing research project.

The cards are inserted into various Upper Deck baseball products, and will continue into next year so that the 2008 MLB season is included.

Is it impossible to collect the full set? It’s certainly a challenge.

Fans and collectors can also register the codes on the back of the cards at the website to be included in a Yankee Dream sweepstakes for a chance to win tickets to the All-Star Game, the last regular-season game and the first 2009 home game.

Check 'em out. And if any of you get a really cool one, send me a picture!!!

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