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Q&A With Joba Chamberlain

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Bryan Hoch/MLB.Com:

MLB.com: What is it about playing in New York that stands out in your mind?

Chamberlain: I think it's the tradition and everything that goes along with being a New York Yankee. You hear about it, and being a baseball fan, you understand. But when you finally put the uniform on, you realize it goes further than this uniform. It definitely makes you feel privileged to wear it.

MLB.com: What do you think has been the biggest influence on your career?

Chamberlain: I think it's just never relaxing. Last year I didn't have that opportunity because I got called up [to each level] a month apart. It was never being satisfied, and trying to get better, and asking questions. It's one thing to get here, but it's another thing to stay here. I try to come in and get better every day and try to learn something.

MLB.com: Any one person stand out in your development?

Chamberlain: I try to take a little bit from everybody. I think I learned a lot from the hitters, too, talking to Derek [Jeter], Jason [Giambi] and Alex [Rodriguez]. I used to hit, but not at this level. You're talking to three guys that have done it, and I have it from a pitcher's aspect of how you stay in your game and do what you do. I think you have to go to the other side and ask those guys what they recognize and what they look for. I don't want to be in that comfort zone of just looking at it from a pitcher's side.

What are some of your hobbies and interests away from the stadium?

Chamberlain: Other than hanging out with [my 2-year-old son] Karter, I like to spend time with my family. I like to travel too. Last year I went to Puerto Rico, Arizona, and Las Vegas. I'd never been to any of them. There's opportunities to talk to kids and sign autographs and enjoy what you did on the field. Hopefully, this year will be my first year traveling overseas. I might get to see Chien-Ming in Taiwan, and my buddy Rick VandenHurk on the Marlins is from Holland. Hopefully, I'll get an opportunity to go spread my wings for a little bit.



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