5/25/2008 12:45:00 AM

Run DMC Responsible For Yanks Four Game Win Streak?!?

Posted by Mark McCray |

Anthony McCarron/New York Daily News:

After the game, Run DMC boomed from a clubhouse stereo as players dressed to leave. The rap duo's greatest hits have quickly become a tradition for the Yankees, who have listened to them after each of their last four games, Mussina said. "It's all we play," Mussina said.

Girardi’s policy on tunes
, by the way, is that he’s all for a little music, as long as no one is competing - in other words, if two stereos are trying to outdo each other from opposite sides of the room, the manager is unhappy. If it’s just one, you can groove to all the “You Be Illin’” that you want.


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