5/19/2008 12:27:00 AM

Yankees Lose 11-2, Embarassed Again

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Anthony McCarron/New York Daily News:

It was never supposed to be this way in the final Subway Series at Yankee Stadium - Met fans hanging around the old park at the end of the abbreviated two-game set watching their team rout the hosts, making more noise than the Yankee faithful.

But this is quickly turning into a dreary Yankee season, one in which a team that once made a dynasty of taking advantage of breaks couldn't make a spark out of an overturned Met home run in the fourth inning. A reversal of a three-run homer for Carlos Delgado - and what would have been a six-run Met lead - should have given the Yankees hope, yet it was reduced to trivia in a humiliating 11-2 loss.

The Mets were the team in disarray when the series started, with infighting in their clubhouse and questions about Willie Randolph's job security. But they looked like a different team while sweeping the rain-shortened two-game series.

The last-place Yankees looked punchless, like they have for most of the season, recording just three hits and only scoring on the Hideki Matsui homerun.

What a lousy, lousy game...that is all I can say. When you can't score runs, you don't win baseball games...I don't blame Wang...I blame the bats...

I am all for patience, but wow...if your going to lose games by a score of 11-2... please don't make it to the Mets, in the last Subway Series game at Old Yankee Stadium.

I hope these players learned a valuable lesson when they looked around the stadium and only saw Mets fans.

It looked like freaking Shea Stadium...EMBARRASSING...


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