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Wang Injured...

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This From River Ave Blues:

Through five innings, Wang was rolling. He had allowed no runs on six hits and
three strike outs. He hadn’t issued a base on balls and thrown 51 of 71
for strikes. In the top of the sixth, he had to run the bases, and
attempting to score with two outs — a dicey move with the Yanks’
moving up 4-0
on the play — he pulled up lame and had to be helped off the
field. The Yankees
have yet to announce the injury and are saying it’s a
right foot problem.

The Yanks could go on to win this game 30-0, and it
wouldn’t matter
because losing Chien-Ming Wang would be a huge blow to this
team. He’s been
nearly untouchable over his last two outings and seemed to
be reestablishing
himself as the Yankee ace after a tough month of May.

Wang just got hurt trying to score from second. He had to be helped off the

It appears to be a pretty serious injury. Wang had to be helped
down the dugout stairs. He was on second with two outs when Jeter scored and was
waved to the plate by Bobby Meachem. He slowed up about 20 feet from the plate
and limped in.

Terrible break for the Yankees. Wang had allowed one run
in his last 12.1 innings and appeared over his slump.

I’ll report back
when we get some news from the Yankees. But it doesn’t look good.

Meanwhile, the Yankees are up 9-0 as A-Rod just drilled a three-run
homer. But if the Yankees have lost Wang for an extended period, it’s a huge

Might as well say it. But if Wang is going to be out for a long
period, the Yankees have to think about trading for C.C. Sabathia.
Yankees are saying Wang has an injured right foot. He is being examined now.

This is total speculation on my part - repeat, total speculation - but
Wang would have an Achilles’ tendon injury based on how be pulled up and his
inability to put any weight on his foot. Hopefully that is not the case as it is
a devastating injury.

The Yankees have a day off on Monday, so they will
need a pitcher on Saturday. That would be Dan McCutchen, who pitched yesterday.
Or maybe Jeff Karstens. Ian Kennedy could come off the DL as he is throwing off
the mound again.


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