7/28/2008 09:38:00 PM

Xavier Nady Goes Deep For First Time As Yankee

Posted by Mark McCray |

It doesn't really matter much in a blowout like tonight, but Xavier Nady just cracked his first home run (14 this year) and hit as a Yankee in the 7th inning off of Jeremey Guthrie to avoid the shut out against the O's.

As I am writing this Johnny Damon just laced a 3-run shot down the right field line to make it 11-4...a little bit more presentable but we need 8 more runs to make it a good night.

The Ray's lost tonight 3-1 to the Blue Jay's and it is 7-3 Angel's against the Red Sux in the 7th so it would be nice to not lose any ground on a loss tonight.


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