9/09/2008 10:08:00 AM

"It Was Like A Fight In The Hood"

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Tyler Kepner/New York Times:

There was one out with runners at the corners and the Yankees trailing, 6-1 in the sixth inning of last nights game. Torii Hunter had reached third after two stolen bases, and on a chopper to Alex Rodriguez, he charged to the plate. Hunter was out easily and he did not slide, colliding hard with the catcher.

“That team, that’s why they’re in first place, because all the time, they play hard,” Ivan Rodriguez said. “And when you play the game hard, those things happen.”

After the play, Hunter tripped on a bat and stumbled into Rodriguez as he walked toward the mound. Rodriguez stuck out his glove — to try to shake Hunter free, he said — and bumped Hunter on the side. Hunter responded with a two-handed lunge at Rodriguez’s back that sent him staggering forward.

“He pushed me pretty hard, like a fight in the hood,” Hunter said. “The ghetto came out. I hate that. I want to apologize to the fans.”

Haha.  Oh my.  

If the Yankees hadn't lost this game this would be one of the funniest quotes I have ever heard.  

I mean, I don't know about you, but when I think about fights in the hood this picture isn't the scene I imagine...


Anonymous said...

Hunter is an asshole.

Players brush up on each other all the time. Pudge often helps people up. Like the last game at THTRB when Roberts patted Mo at the end of the game.

Hunter is an asshole.

Mark M. said...

Pudge didn't do anything wrong. Who pushes someone from behind like that?!?

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