9/08/2008 10:59:00 PM

A Personal Apology From Me To You

Posted by Mark McCray |

Hey everyone.  I want to apologize for the lack of updates recently.  School just started back up and I have started a new job, so time has been pretty scarce while I get in the groove of my new schedule.  

Jeeeeeeeeezzzzz.....things have been pretty ugly, huh?!?  Ahhh...I had such high hopes for this team in 2008...butttt there is always next year right!?!  

I will try to post some of my thoughts on this Yankees team and some things that I think they can do to improve in the offseason in the days to come, so please stay tuned.  

And lets remember, as the legendary Yogi Berra once said...

"It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over...."

So keep pulling for 'em....!


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