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Are The Yankees Racist?

Posted by Mark McCray |

Apparently, at least a couple people believe they are.  

I came across this article this morning, and had to at least say something about it.  Apparently, writers at BlackAthlete.net seem to believe that the Yankees have acted with racism, not sound baseball judgement, in releasing both LaTroy Hawkins and Bobby Meacham this season.

Wow.  This is so far fetched I don't know whether it is a joke or if these people are actually serious.  I am pretty sure it is just a joke, but I have heard crazier conspiracy theories from people.

But please, let me tell you that the Yankees didn't fire Meacham and cut LaTroy Hawkins because they were African-Americans.  They got rid of them because they didn't exactly excel at their respective posts.  

They had made sure there were NO African Americans on their Roster (sorry Jeter you don't count). Still somehow the Yankees have gone home for the Winter. For the 8th season in a row WITHOUT winning the World Series.

It had to be something else. WELL PRAISE THE LORD. They found it. How could they have missed it. Believe it or not the New York Yankees had a BLACK Third Base coach the entire 2008 season. WHY didn't anyone notice ??

Why look any further?

Maybe you can fool those Steinbrenner Boys once in a while but never ever twice. The Yankees axed their only African American player relief pitcher LeTroy Hawkins during the season but somehow they missed Bobby Meacham standing right there near Third Base every time the Yankees batted all season long.

Problem solved. Meacham got the boot on Tuesday from the Yankees after just one year on the team as the third base Coach. After watching hours and hours of game films the Steinbrenner boys along with GM Brian Cashman documented the fact that Meacham "spooked" Yankee batters by his presence only 90 feet away. Further, that Yankee runners avoided making it to third base whenever possible because they "feared" having to be so close to Bobby Meacham if they did.

I mean. They do have a point, there isn't really too many African-Americans in the system. But to suggest that the Yankees are doing it on purpose is ridiculous.


http://janeheller.mlblogs.com said...

This stuff is nuts! What race was Willie Randolph? Did they forget he was a Yankees coach who left because HE wanted to? I could go on and on to defend the Yanks but it's not worth it. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I am a black yankee fan and I read the article in question. No where does it say that they were fired because they were black, it just states that in 2008 it is sad that the yankees do not have any black players, and derek jeter DOES NOT count he is bi-racial and not black as he has said. With all the lousy pitiching this season yeah it is strange that Hawkins is the only one who got the boot.

debi said...

I left the comment about the yankkes not having any black players and I did not what to be
anonymous. "debi from indianapolis wrote it." We want to see our players just like the rest of you Sheesh.

Mark M. said...


First of all, thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it.

However, I do think I have to disagree with you on your take of the article. When you say that "no where in the article does it say they were fired because they were black" I think you may have overlooked that section.

The first sentence clearly states, "They (meaning the Yankees) had made sure there were NO African Americans on their roster..."

Now, I don't know about you, but to me, that sounds like an accusation of racism being the reason for no African-American players on the roster.

Please don't get me wrong. I would love to see more African-American players on the Yankees. Players like BJ Upton and Torii Hunter (or any good player of any race) would be more than welcome on my roster.

However, the Yankees just don't have any on theirs right now. Oh well.

It certainly isn't because racism.

But thanks for reading and commenting!!! I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts.

http://janeheller.mlblogs.com said...

Good debate going. I definitely want to see more African-American players in the game. I applaud Torii Hunter and the others who have started their own foundations to foster more interest in baseball. Baseball needs more great stars like Crawford and Upton so we don't lose them to football and basketball. But why single out the Yankees who've had such great black players throughout their history? Elston Howard. Reggie Jackson. Dwight Gooden. Darryl Strawberry. Jesse Barfield. Mickey Rivers. David Justice. Gary Sheffield. On and on. I appreciate your thoughts, Debi. I just don't think LaTroy Hawkins was cut from the bullpen because of his race. From what I heard, he was very well liked in the clubhouse. It was his high ERA that did him in. I do realize this is a sensitive subject and should be treated as such.

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