10/13/2008 03:30:00 PM

Final Homerun Ball Hit At Yankee Stadium To Be Auctioned

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Associated Press via USA Today:

The last home run hit at Yankee Stadium will be sold at an auction this weekend in New York after the man who snagged it decided he could use the money to pay off some debt and send his kids to college.

"We talked about it as a family and we said we can keep it locked up in a safe deposit box and when I die the kids can fight over it, or maybe it can go to a good collector with a massive Yankees collection, and we can take the money and do some good with it," Steve Harshman, of Casper, said.

Harshman, a high school football coach and Republican state lawmaker, said he has heard estimates that the ball will fetch at least $200,000.

He said he wants to pay off a few debts, donate money to his church and charity and help pay for his children's college educations.

Harshman snagged the ball hit by Yankees backup catcher Jose Molina on Sept. 21. He had traveled to the Bronx with his 11- and 9-year-old sons and his brother to fulfill a lifelong dream of his father, who died six years ago.

"The memory of it, that's all we went for," he said. "The memory of going to Yankee Stadium as a family. That's the key thing."


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