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High Schooler Told Fukudome Shirt To Vulgar

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File this under hilarious (and ridiculous).

Apparently a 15-year old girl was told at a (Chicago!!!) High School that she had to change her shirt because an administrator didn't know how to pronounce Kosuke Fukudome's last name. He obviously thought that it was the OTHER pronunciation lol.

Another administrator then said that until she checked it out, the girl would have to change her shirt for gym-class.

Wow. No one could figure out who Kosuke Fukudome was in a Chicago High School???

Mike Danahey/Chicago Sun Times:

What's in a name? Ask Chicago Cubs fan Jill Howe, 15.

The Elgin High School sophomore had to remove her Kosuke Fukudome jersey and wear a gym T-shirt to class Wednesday because of a misunderstanding about how to pronounce the All-Star right-fielder's last name.

"Someone stopped me in the hall and asked me what the back of my jersey said," Jill said. She replied that it was the name of Cubs player, pronounced foo-koo-DOUGH-may. The school staffer wasn't so sure and consulted others.

Then a dean, Susan Matei, told Howe the jersey was inappropriate. Matei made Jill take it off and wear a gym shirt instead.

Jill called her mother after school to tell her what happened.

"She's a big Cubs fan, and we got the jersey at Dick's," said Jill's mom, Nancy Howe. "We were going to get a [Kerry] Wood one, but it cost more."

Nancy Howe called Matei, who confirmed what happened.

"I told her anyone's last name can be misconstrued," Nancy Howe said.

By late afternoon, common sense -- and proper pronunciation -- prevailed.

Associate Principal Alan Flota said students may wear Fukudome apparel at school.

"As long as it is a legitimate name, they will be allowed to wear it," Flota said.


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LOL. Thanks for sharing. That school should be required to teach local baseball to the kids!

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