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Red Sox Fan Mocked Joba At Strip Club On Night Of DUI

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In case you were wondering what Joba was doing the night he got popped for DUI, here are the details.

Apparently, Joba was being mocked that night by a guy at the "Night Before Lounge" in Lincoln, Nebraska (pictured right) because he played for the Yankees. 

Of course the guy was a fan of, you guessed it-- the Red Sux(I honestly cannot stand people who root for that whack ass team).

I don't know if this altercation at the strip club had anything to do with him 
getting a DUI, but if it did, Joba needs to learn to get a little bit of a cooler head.  You can't let Red Sux fans get you riled up. 

Before he was stopped and detained on suspicion of DUI Saturday morning, Yankee pitcher Joba Chamberlain was provoked and goaded by a fellow patron at the Night Before Lounge, a strip club in downtown Lincoln, according to two witnesses.
Chamberlain, 23, who was accompanied by a group of friends, was approached by a man who mocked him about playing for the Yankees.
"Somebody said to him, 'If you played for the Red Sox, you wouldn't be sitting here right now,"' said Gary "Bo" Bohaty, who owns the Beacon Lounge, which is next door to the Night Before Lounge.

"It got a rise out of him," Bohaty said. "Joba turned his head and said, 'What did you say?' and the guy yelled it again."

A member of Chamberlain's party engaged in some minor pushing with the man who confronted Chamberlain, but Chamberlain himself didn't get physical, according to a manager at the Night Before Lounge who wished to remain anonymous.

The manager, who said Chamberlain comes in quite a bit, described him as "a very nice guy." Chamberlain paid for a $145 tab incurred by six people and left a $100 tip before leaving about midnight.
Chamberlain was then pulled over by state troopers on suspicion of drunk driving and speeding. 


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Remember the woman Yankee fan who was goaded by Red Sox fans outside a New Hampshire bar and ran them down in her car, killing one of them? The moral of these stories is that booze and a Yankees-Red Sox rivalry do not mix!

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