11/25/2008 02:08:00 PM

Cano In Top Shape This Winter

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Tyler Kepner/New York Times:

Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long, has returned from
his tutorials with Robinson Canó in the Dominican Republic and with Alex Rodriguez in Miami. The way Long figures, Canó could bat directly ahead of Rodriguez, who hits cleanup, or directly behind him. Either way, Long expects both to improve.

Canó, Long said, has dedicated himself to physical fitness and is in “immaculate condition.” And Rodriguez, he said, is in a better frame of mind after dealing with a divorce last season.

Canó has also made an important mechanical adjustment, scrapping the open stance he had lapsed into and reducing the movement before his swing. Long said he knew the swing would be in order when he visited Canó for six days during the week of Nov. 9, but he had no idea Canó would be in such good shape.

“He’s got a personal trainer, and he’s probably down to 10 or 11 percent body fat,” Long said. “This kid is focused, he’s determined. I’ve never seen him like this. His arms are cut, his stomach is cut. He’s doing hitting, throwing, agility work — and these workouts at night, I watched them, and they’re grueling. I told him I was so proud of him.”


Rob Abruzzese said...

This is big news for me. I can see Abreu leaving this off-season and I don't think Matsui is up to batting number 3. So short of signing Teixeira or Manny Cano is going to have to step up big time. I think he can do it and I think he wants to do it. Now we have to wait and see.

Kayos said...

I truly hope so. I wanna see him do more this year.

Cano is young still and could contribute many years to the Bombers.

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