11/12/2008 09:57:00 PM

So What's Up With Posada?

Posted by Mark McCray |

Not a lot has been said about Jorge Posada since the season ended in September, but the New York Daily News' Anthony McCarron had a blurb a few days back in an article, so I will copy it for you below in case you missed it.

Jorge Posada, who had shoulder surgery during the season, said his rehab has been smooth and he expects to be 100% by March 1. He said he is "100%" confident he will be the Yankees' regular catcher next season. Asked about the possibility of playing first base, Posada said, "I want to be a catcher. I enjoy being behind the plate, being there for my pitchers. I think I'm a better player behind the plate than anywhere else."

P.S.- Nice dress Mrs. Posada!


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