12/15/2008 10:35:00 AM

Does History Repeat Itself?

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Newsday via Linsey A. Gardner of One Stop (pop culture) Shop:

When Northwestern defeated Michigan, 21-14, in football on Nov. 15 at Michigan Stadium, Northwestern alumnus Joe Girardi sent a text message to Derek Jeter, who attended Michigan for one semester in 1992.
"The last time Northwestern won at Michigan [1995], the Yankees won four of the next five World Series," Girardi wrote.

Jeter responded: "Thank you for providing a silver lining to my misery."
I sure hope that history repeats itself!!!


design_LAG said...


Glad you liked that funny little bit I found on a discussion board for a blog Buster Olney wrote for espn.com. Be sure to stop back to the pop culture shop any time. Hope everything is going well for you!


She-Fan said...

I do like Girardi's optimism!

Anonymous said...
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