12/22/2008 09:38:00 PM

Forget The Over-Hyped Teixeira And Sign Man-Ram NOW!!!

Posted by Mark McCray |

Here is my explanation:

The 2009 New York Yankees Lineup with the addition of Hall of Fame masher, Manny Ramirez...

1.) Johnny Damon (CF)
2.) Derek Jeter (SS)
3.) Manny Ramirez (LF)
4.) Alex Rodriguez (3B)
5.) Hideki Matsui (DH)
6.) Xavier Nady (RF)
7.) Robinson Cano (2B)
8.) Jorge Posada (C)
9.) Nick Swisher (1B)

Now imagine that lineup behind a starting pitching rotation that looks something like this...

1.) CC Sabathia
2.) Chien-Ming Wang
3.) AJ Burnett
4.) Joba Chamberlain
5.) Andy Pettitte

Now, I understand that this is only on paper and these players must perform to expectations, but it could possibly be one of the greatest teams ever assembled.

The Yankees seriously need to forget about the risky 8-year contract for Teixeira, and offer Ramirez a two or three year contract and be done with it.

Look at it this way. Yeah, Ramirez is a risk, but the guy doesn't play hard enough in the field to injure himself. Plus, anyone who quits on the Red Sox is an instant favorite in my book.

It would be very unwise for the Yankees to pass on a certified Hall of Famer (who only requires a two or three year commitment) in favor of an over-hyped first baseman and an 8-year $25 million a season commitment.

Manny is only 36 years old. To think that you couldn't get three extremely productive years out of him is absurd.

I don't care what his history attempts to tell us, Manny is a flat out masher and any team that he ends up with will make the post-season, you can bet on it.

That team had better be the Yankees.


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