1/26/2009 12:53:00 PM

CC The Grizzly

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Got this article an email from Tom over at Serious Sports News Network He wanted me to pass it along to you guys. Hilarious.

Here is the beginning...click the headline below to jump to the whole article.

Yankees Assign Mark Teixeira To Wake Up CC From Hibernation/SSNN:

With spring training just around the corner, the New York Yankees are beginning their final preparations for the season. This year, that includes the daunting task of waking up pitcher CC Sabathia from his three-month hibernation.
“Yeah, someone’s gotta go up there and rustle CC,” said manager Joe Girardi. “Not fun.”
In late October, Sabathia consumed approximately 200,000 calories woth of food, which is four times his normal daily intake. Then, he went to the Catskill mountains in upstate New York, where he found a suitable cave for his three-month slumber. 
He stripped naked, curled into a fetal position, and went into a trance-like sleep that would allow him to wake up refreshed and ready for the season, and have the added benefit of allowing him to survive the cold winter, where food is scarce and harder to come by. This is the first year that the Yankees have had to wake up Sabathia from his annual hibernation.

“It’s not fun, from what I understand,” said Derek Jeter, who heard about the challenge from Sabathia’s former Cleveland Indians teammate Grady Sizemore. “Wait, unless, do you like waking up a raging 300-lb ginormous mammal? No? Okay, then, yeah, it’s not fun.

He may be a giant mammal, but he's our giant mammal!!!


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