2/09/2009 03:13:00 PM

Some Thoughts On The Steroid Era

Posted by Mark McCray |

I have been waiting to comment on this whole A-Roid thing until I heard it directly from A-Rod. I do have to say, it was at least a classy move to man-up and be honest by admitting he used.

But, it's still pretty sad to say the least. I mean...Et Tu, A-Rod??? Wow.

But my problem isn't with the players anymore...in fact...I blame Major League Baseball.

Bud Selig and the rest of baseball's fat cats sat back and watched baseball grow on the video game like swings of guys like Mark Mcgwire, Jose Canseco, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, and even Alex Rodriguez after the strike in 1994 and they did nothing to find out why all of a sudden these guys looked like bodybuilders and could hit the ball 9,000 feet into the air. They didn't question anything.

Why would they? Slowly, more and more fans started showing up to games to see this new breed of "power hitters". We, "the dumb unsuspecting fans", simply thought baseball was shifting from a game of pure talent and athleticism to a game of pure strength and athleticism. These new "power hitters" quickly gained the admiration of us fans and the multi-million dollar contracts immediately started ballooning to the now comical levels.

But Bud Selig knew what the deal was. Major League Baseball knew what the deal was. For them to sit there and act like an innocent party in all of this is repulsing. If the drugs were obviously as rampant as they apparently were, none of those parties can honestly say that they didn't raise an eyebrow when two bulging roid heads battled to set the single season homerun record in 1998?

Come on!!! Wasn't it at least a little suspicious to you, Bud?! A man who supposedly knows so much about baseball he is the commissioner of the entire league! And he never heard a trainer, or a coach, or even a ball boy say anything like, "Wow. That guy looks almost superhuman!"??? I don't buy it for a minute.

When baseball decided it was good business to turn a blind eye to this scandal, THEY destroyed the integrity of the game. Not the players. And now that Major League Baseball has rebuilt their fan base, they are going to go back and single handedly destroy the legacies of each player who helped rebuild the game from an absolute laughing stock in 1994, to what it has become today.

One day, history will look back at this and realize it wasn't just the players who stripped the innocence of Major League Baseball during the Steroid Era, it was also Bud Selig and any other person involved with Major League Baseball who knowingly turned a blind eye to a problem that at the time, was very, very good for business.

In my opinion, we're all to blame. And that is very, very sad.


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