4/21/2009 01:16:00 AM

Video Of Bruce Drennan's Response To My Email

Posted by Mark McCray |

Wow!!!  This is hilarious.  

Apparently so upset that 20 minutes after his complete non-mention of any of the contents of my email, he had to read a fictious letter that he claims is from Chris in New Jersey who is a self described "huge Yankees fan"...

"Personally I believe your show, city, fans and teams, are deserving of the utmost respect as a result of the great passion that you all show.  It is something that should be envied by idiots like him.  Love ya, Bruce!!!".

Amazing.  You never mentioned one aspect of my letter. In fact you did nothing but berate me for writing an email that actually made a point.  Now I understand that is rare on your show, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that there is no way Chris in New Jersey had enough material to extend an apology from the Yankees fan base while praising you and your show off of what you said about my letter.  Don't get me wrong because it was hilarious...but it was also extremely fishy.    

It's also pretty fishy how not one other person called to add their 2 cents on the subject.  I imagine its because they couldn't!!! You didn't read the email!!!

I-I-I-I-I Love Ya, Bruce!!!  But you're wrong on this one buddy.  And it's here for everyone to see.  

Anyways, thanks for the free plug!!!!

Oh, and Bruce...you are obviously the "clown"...not me!!!

P.S.- I honestly didn't mean to berate anyone who is from Cleveland, or who lives there.  I have lots of friends from Cleveland. I just don't like the Indians.  Or whiners like Bruce Drennan.  That's all.

P.S.S.- The full text of my email can be found by CLICKING HERE!!!


Dan said...

Lol, Bruce deserves to be a clown!

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