6/28/2009 11:23:00 PM

Congratulations On 500, Mo!

Posted by Mark McCray |

Mariano Rivera has recorded save number 500 tonight against the Mets.

That amazing feat has only been accomplished by just one other closer in Major League Baseball history-- Trevor Hoffman (and that was in the NL).

"Definitely, it's good," Rivera said. "I won't tell you it's not meaningful. It's a blessing."

In addition to his 500th save, Mariano also recorded his first ever RBI after being walked with the bases loaded by none other than Fransisco Rodriguez.

Congratulations, Mo. You have been a vital part of the Yankees over the years and your services have definitely not gone unnoticed.


Hawkeye said...

and his first RBI in the same night... funny how things work out sometimes

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Stephen Kammerman said...

Mo is unstoppable! The guy is as good this year as he ever was.

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