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Vote For The Yankees "All-Stars Among Us" Candidates

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Fans are invited to vote in the All-Stars Among Us campaign, a presentation of People Magazine and Major League Baseball, for the 30 winners from June 8-24. One winner will be chosen as a representative of every club, and all 30 will be honored Busch Stadium in St. Louis for the July 14 All-Star Game. One club representative also will be featured in People Magazine.

Here are the finalists for the New York Yankees (You can vote for them by clicking this link):

Farley Boyle: The Little Silver, N.J., resident founded CHASE for Life after her daughter Chase nearly drowned. The organization provides free infant and child CPR and has provided hands-on training to more than 4,000 people.

Christina and Michael Pesci: The twins from Parsippani, N.J., are both active in the community. Christina is the president of Bridging the Generation Gap, an outreach club encouraging friendship between young people and seniors, while Michael founded the non-profit Perfect Pitch, which has raised $175,000 for mentally and physically handicapped children and young adults.

Tzirl Goldman: The Brooklyn, N.Y., resident started a program called the Friendship Circle, which pairs teens with special-needs children for fun and friendship. She's also run eight fundraising concerts to help fund the program.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this out there and for helping spread the word....as a loyal Yankee fan it's an honor to be in the running!

Farley Boyle

Mark said...


I am glad that you were able to see the post!

Do you have any material you would like me to throw up for you (charity mission, personal mission, links, etc;)?

Let me know and I will get it up as soon as possible!

Mark McCray (markamccray@gmail.com)

Anonymous said...

her web site is www.chaseforlife.org and has free downloadable CPR instructions among other things

Anonymous said...


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