7/14/2010 12:18:00 AM

The Boss

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"The Boss"

George M. Steinbrenner III
July 4, 1930 – July 13, 2010

The game of Baseball will never be the same.

You will be missed, Mr. Steinbrenner.

11/04/2009 10:03:00 PM


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Congratulations To
The New York Yankees
2009 World Series Champions


...the ghosts are very much alive...

10/26/2009 12:28:00 AM

2009 World Series Bound

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2009 American League Champions

Congratulations, Yankees.

7/04/2009 11:13:00 PM

Sincerely, Lou

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This is a link to the video of the wonderful story ESPN's Outside The Lines ran today on my personal hero, Lou Gehrig.

The video is based off a series of letters that Lou wrote to his doctor after being diagnosed with ALS.

Everyone should take a few minutes to watch this amazing story of courage-- and if you have time-- to read Lou's actual letters.

Click here watch the ESPN special Sincerely, Lou and read Lou's actual letters.

Click here to learn more about what MLB is doing to help find a cure for this terrible disease.

Click here for the ALS association's website.

6/28/2009 11:23:00 PM

Congratulations On 500, Mo!

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Mariano Rivera has recorded save number 500 tonight against the Mets.

That amazing feat has only been accomplished by just one other closer in Major League Baseball history-- Trevor Hoffman (and that was in the NL).

"Definitely, it's good," Rivera said. "I won't tell you it's not meaningful. It's a blessing."

In addition to his 500th save, Mariano also recorded his first ever RBI after being walked with the bases loaded by none other than Fransisco Rodriguez.

Congratulations, Mo. You have been a vital part of the Yankees over the years and your services have definitely not gone unnoticed.

6/16/2009 02:00:00 AM

K-Rod vs. Brian Bruney

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Here is the video of K-Rod trying to start drama with Brian Bruney in left field the other day.

The video was filmed by the guys at VOTESWISHER.com, a great website with a great cause-- voting Nick Swisher into the All-Star game.

Check it out, and then go write your vote in for Swish.

6/08/2009 05:28:00 PM

Vote For The Yankees "All-Stars Among Us" Candidates

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Fans are invited to vote in the All-Stars Among Us campaign, a presentation of People Magazine and Major League Baseball, for the 30 winners from June 8-24. One winner will be chosen as a representative of every club, and all 30 will be honored Busch Stadium in St. Louis for the July 14 All-Star Game. One club representative also will be featured in People Magazine.

Here are the finalists for the New York Yankees (You can vote for them by clicking this link):

Farley Boyle: The Little Silver, N.J., resident founded CHASE for Life after her daughter Chase nearly drowned. The organization provides free infant and child CPR and has provided hands-on training to more than 4,000 people.

Christina and Michael Pesci: The twins from Parsippani, N.J., are both active in the community. Christina is the president of Bridging the Generation Gap, an outreach club encouraging friendship between young people and seniors, while Michael founded the non-profit Perfect Pitch, which has raised $175,000 for mentally and physically handicapped children and young adults.

Tzirl Goldman: The Brooklyn, N.Y., resident started a program called the Friendship Circle, which pairs teens with special-needs children for fun and friendship. She's also run eight fundraising concerts to help fund the program.

4/26/2009 06:18:00 PM

This Is Only A Test

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This is a test for Twitter integration.

4/21/2009 01:16:00 AM

Video Of Bruce Drennan's Response To My Email

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Wow!!!  This is hilarious.  

Apparently so upset that 20 minutes after his complete non-mention of any of the contents of my email, he had to read a fictious letter that he claims is from Chris in New Jersey who is a self described "huge Yankees fan"...

"Personally I believe your show, city, fans and teams, are deserving of the utmost respect as a result of the great passion that you all show.  It is something that should be envied by idiots like him.  Love ya, Bruce!!!".

Amazing.  You never mentioned one aspect of my letter. In fact you did nothing but berate me for writing an email that actually made a point.  Now I understand that is rare on your show, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that there is no way Chris in New Jersey had enough material to extend an apology from the Yankees fan base while praising you and your show off of what you said about my letter.  Don't get me wrong because it was hilarious...but it was also extremely fishy.    

It's also pretty fishy how not one other person called to add their 2 cents on the subject.  I imagine its because they couldn't!!! You didn't read the email!!!

I-I-I-I-I Love Ya, Bruce!!!  But you're wrong on this one buddy.  And it's here for everyone to see.  

Anyways, thanks for the free plug!!!!

Oh, and Bruce...you are obviously the "clown"...not me!!!

P.S.- I honestly didn't mean to berate anyone who is from Cleveland, or who lives there.  I have lots of friends from Cleveland. I just don't like the Indians.  Or whiners like Bruce Drennan.  That's all.

P.S.S.- The full text of my email can be found by CLICKING HERE!!!

4/20/2009 04:22:00 PM

My Letter (Read On Air!) To Bruce Drennan Of STO

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UPDATE 5:03pm: Just talked to a friend who said all he did was call me a clown and said that my email wasn't even worth reading...I take back the commendation I gave him down below this update. And hey Bruce, I'm a clown?!

Just got back from class, and remembered that I had sent a letter to Bruce Drennan of Sports Time Ohio about his (and other local media outlets)incessant whining about the treatment of the Cleveland Indians by the umpires and national media over the weekend.

I turned the show on about 45 minutes ago (an hour into it) and heard Bruce read an email from a "Yankees fan from New Jersey" apologizing for my letter, so apparently Bruce read it on the air, for which I commend him because I openly challenged him to do so.

Now, I would first like to make it very clear that this email was not meant to be disrespectful to Mr. Drennan, but only to point out just how bad his whining had become.

I sent the email last night after about two hours of listening to nothing but whining from him and his callers about the way the Indians were treated on this trip to Yankee Stadium.

I know he has a fairly long show, but when all you can do is whine about the umpires blowing calls and the national media (namely Joe Buck/Tim McCarver who we Yankee bloggers openly make fun of) not giving the Cleveland Indians GUSHING coverage of their "record setting" inning on Saturday, it got very old and just wasn't sitting very well with me.

So I sent him this email...below you will find it in it's unedited entirety. If you feel this is a disrespectful letter, I apologize to you, but Mr. Drennan doesn't preach very well about the Yankees over here in Ohio.

I hope you as true Yankees fans understand why I stood up for us.



Quit whining.

If you have any credibility, you will read this on air and respond to "the other side of the story."

#1- You didn't get the 3-2 ball called on DeRosa on Friday because Wedge was yelling at the umpire from the dugout to the point where the umpire had to actually turn around and tell him to shutup. You really think your going to get a close 3-2 ball called on the best closer in baseball after yelling at the umpires all day?! Don't think so. It doesn't matter what team you put in that situation, when you yell at the umpires all day, you aren't getting the close calls it's common baseball knowledge.

#2- The only reason the Indians even had three runs today was because of a blown strike call on Choo from the home plate umpire. Had the umpire made the right call, the side would have been retired and Garko never gets a chance to hit a 2-run homerun. Let's be fair, Bruce.

#3- I don't care what you say, the ball that Posada hit would not have been caught by Crowe. Even if the fan interfered (which MLB.com has upheld he didn't), he was on the descent when the fan reached out. The ball was heading over his glove.

#4- You want to talk about how McCarver and Buck have a New York bias, and I will refer you to the Colin Cowherd Law Of Professional Sports Economics. I heard the radio announcer from the Cleveland broadcast literally pee his pants over his "excitement" of a "record setting inning". Talk about unprofessional! You act like it is Game 7 of the World Series, but really it's still the first month of the season. There is a lot of baseball to be played before you act like that broadcaster did. It was pretty embarrassing. The Indians are a 4-9 team in last place in the worst division in baseball playing against the New York Yankees in their brand new billion dollar stadium.

Outside of Cleveland no one wants to hear about your mediocre baseball team. That is why the bias exists.