11/21/2007 12:39:00 AM

Johan Santana: New York...or Boston???

Posted by Mark McCray |

John Heyman of Sports Illustrated was on Mike & the Mad Dog and was asked about Johan Santana.

"I think that he probably will be traded. There is going to be a lot of discussion; hes going to be the main guy, thats what everyone is waiting on. I think that is what is holding up Omar on the Mets' catching situation; its holding up the Red Sox--they were talking about Crisp, and I think now Crisp will be involved in a deal for Santana. They are looking for a center-fielder and a starting pitcher and thats why Boston and the Yankees are in good positions. Boston has Lester and Bucholz, two young starters, plus Crisp that they could package. The Yankees have Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy-- and they could trade Melkey if they had to and try Johnny Damon in center for awhile until they got things figured out."

Heyman seems to think that the Yankees and the Red Sox are both front-runners in the race for Santana. As far as I could gather, he was giving the Red Sox the edge to acquire him through a trade.

This situation makes me very uncomfortable. I do not want to trade our young prospects away, but I also do not want the Red Sux to end up with Santana.

The winter meetings are just two weeks away and the stove is beginning to warm. Expect it to get very hot, very soon. Check back often for the latest.


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