11/28/2007 10:01:00 AM

Rumor Alert: Yankees Make Offer For Santana

Posted by Mark McCray |

Please be cautious when reading this post...it is only a rumor and has not yet been confirmed...but if this is how it would all play out...Welcome to the Bronx Johan...

"The Grand Jury reports that the Yankees have made an official offer for Johan Santana.

Yankees have offered Cabrera, Kennedy and Tabata to the Twins.

Word is Santana wants to go to New York and the Twins have cleared three roster spots. Do the math. Hint Hint."

This makes a lot of sense - if the Yankees can get Johan to sign a long term deal. It's hard to believe, but Santana is still only 28 and is just entering his prime. The Yankees could also afford the six-year extension that Santana is looking for. It would be a heavy price to pay in terms of young talent-- but it looks like it's an offer that the Twins will not be able to refuse. Boston is not likely to offer a package containing Jacoby Ellsbury, so it is likely the Yankees will make the best offer the Twins are going to see.

Thanks for the tip and commentary Chris!!!


Going said...

The insider has struck again, in his post "Garza stops Santana deal, for now" on the Grand Jury presented by FantasyBaseballMafia.com, he called it, "that Santana will not be dealt if a Garza for Upton/Young deal is completed. The insider from Fantasy baseball mafia.com has struck again."


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