11/30/2007 05:16:00 PM

Same Old Rumors

Posted by Mark McCray |

I've been debating about posting all day now. There hasn't really been any new developments with Santana, and everyone is kind of stuck in neutral until the Winter Meetings kick off on Monday.

By now everyone has probably heard about Johnny Damons plans for being successful in 2008-- lots of naked pull-ups and a "loose clubhouse" atmosphere.

I am also sure everyone has probably read the stories about Posada basically calling out Yankee ownership to do whatever it takes to get Johan and I am trying not to read so much into that(besides- what veteran catcher wouldn't voice their opinion about wanting to catch for Johan Santana).

And you've also probably read the stories about Posada talking like Andy Pettite is going to retire (Pettites dad seems to think the same thing).

So where are we left? We have all of the free agents we wanted other than the Viz and Pettite. We need to start working on the bullpen but I am pretty confident Cash knows what he wants going into next week. So right now--we are just kind of waiting around for the Winter Meetings. I will keep you posted with more as it develops this weekend.

Go Yankees 2008!!!


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