11/30/2007 08:46:00 PM

Hughes or Lose...

Posted by Mark McCray |

According to reports the Yankees must include young pitching phenom, Phil Hughes, in any trade for Johan Santana in order to have a shot at landing the coveted left hander. Bryan Hoch confirms this on Yankees.com:

"Hughes must be the centerpiece of any attempt to acquire Santana from the Twins, according to a report on SI.com on Friday afternoon. The report states that should the Yankees decide to part with Hughes, they would have a "decent chance" to land the Twins ace."

A "decent chance" to land Santana??? Wow.

Yankee brass have confirmed this and say that if Hughes is required in a trade for Santana-- he is not untouchable. This comes somewhat as a surprise as many people still think Hughes has a better future in New York than cult hero Joba Chamberlain. We will find out in time I guess.


Charles L. Wallace said...

Gotta give the Twins credit for trying to get as much as possible, and Boston for trying to have the Yanks give up as much as possible.... I'm going to be really interested to see what the final offer is [IF there is one].

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