12/02/2007 03:22:00 PM

Tino Martininez To Return As Special Instructor

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Bill Madden had a great interview with Hammerin' Hank in todays New York Daily News. Ironically though, Hank was not the most interesting thing in the article. Apparently, Tino Martinez will be returning to the 2008 Yankees in some sort of special instructor/coach capacaity. Madden explains how he first found out Tino would be "back in the fold":

"As he was talking, I noticed a familiar face approaching our booth. Tino Martinez, another Tampa sports celebrity, and an older man whom he introduced as his grandfather had been dining across the room."

"Hey, Tino, how you been?" Hank said, looking up. "You get that all worked out?"

"I haven't heard back yet," Martinez answered.

"Well just call (Brian) Cashman - I'll call him, too - but I'm sure it's all set."

After Martinez departed, I asked: "Back in the fold?"

"Yeah," Hank said. "Tino asked about doing some work for us, coaching, instructing, and at the very least he'll be in spring training with us."

"In that respect, I thought, Hank is just like his dad when it comes to having a soft heart for old Yankees, especially Yankees with championship rings."


Yanks23 said...

Music to my ears!

Jenn said...

Absolutely Love It!!!!!!!!!!
We love Tino!!!!

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