12/03/2007 09:14:00 AM

Andy Pettite: Back In The Bronx!!!

Posted by Mark McCray |

Andy Pettite, who had considered retirement after the 2007 season ended, will return in 2008 to pitch for the New York Yankees the Houston Chronicle reported on Monday.

"Many teammates have called urging Andy to return as well as manager Joe Girardi," Hendricks said, according to the report. "It's well known that the Yankees have publicly stated that they were ready for Andy when Andy was ready."

Absolutely the best news for the New York Yankees since Alex Rodriguez decided to opt out and then opt back in.

Now the question is...what were Pettites motives for returning? Are we to believe that Andy has informed the Yankees not to trade away their young pitching staff, and has agreed to come back as a veteran anchor? Or should we think Pettite knows that Santana is coming to the Bronx and the Yankees will be making a very serious run at the 2008 World Series? Or maybe it was the $16 million dollar paycheck. We will soon find out.

Merry Christmas Yankee Fans!!!


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